Features and Benefits of TSS Services

TSS provides a trusted and secure medium to attach to your data remotely with no additional software or hardware requirements.

A business can derive various benefits from TSS features as explained below:

Security: Using TSS, you’ll view or access company’s data located at HO from branch office/other locations with no compromise on security. For enhanced security, your business data doesn’t get stored on Tally.NET servers nor get transferred from the source computer. Furthermore, the info being accessed is secured employing a strong encryption format leaving no room for data thefts or unauthorized access.

Your business can now share and make its data accessible without fear about the security and encryption.

Remote Access: you’re not restricted to figure only within the physical confines of your office. TSS allows accessing your company data on the accompany its trusted remote access.

While you’re at the branch office or at a foreign location, you’ll view reports or pass transactions, while other users at the top Office or other branch offices can still work on an equivalent data. Further, CAs can finish auditing faster because rather than travelling to your office, they will audit and print the specified documents remotely, saving time and price.

Say your salesman meets a customer and collects a cheque. Here, a money receipt has got to tend to the customer. In such case, the salesperson can access the Tally.ERP 9 running in your office by simply typing his username and password, record the receipt voucher and print the cash receipt on the customer’s printer. These possibilities enable quicker decisions, smoother sales and collection activities as information are often accessed anytime from anywhere. Overall, this protects time, effort and most significantly, makes the newest information available at your fingertips in the least times.

Tally.ERP 9 Reports in Browser: Experience the liberty of viewing your Tally.ERP 9 reports from anywhere, on any device, during a browser, securely.

You can access Tally.ERP 9 reports from anywhere using any device like laptop, smartphone, tablet, and so on, with an internet browser, and a lively internet connection. you’ve got complete control on who views the reports, and which reports are available to a user. Further, your data will always be in your machine. Whenever a user views a report during a browser, only the info required for that report is fetched from your Tally.ERP 9.

Product Updates: there’s no got to attend the web site and appearance for the newest Tally product and updates anymore, as of these information is going to be provided within the Tally.ERP 9 itself using TSS service. This provides a fast, simple and convenient thanks to download and check out the newest Tally products and updates from one place. Users now have of these information like present version of Tally.ERP 9, add-ons, services, latest available updates, and other Tally services right their Tally.ERP 9. Better still, this will be downloaded from Tally.ERP 9. Also, the selection to undertake out the newest product using the trial version makes transition to new releases stress free.

Update Statutory Information: Easy to update taxation laws, reports, return forms and more by next few simple steps. All information associated with current version of statutory file and available updates are displayed in one place. this may enable you to put in the updates at your convenience and work with latest statutory compliances.

From new rates to forms to e-filing, be told of their availability and install them readily.

Data synchronisation via Tally.NET servers: Many businesses operate from multiple locations and consolidating company data becomes a tedious job when there’s no proper system. this is often where Synchronisation feature provided by TSS can help such companies in getting accurate report with minimal steps.

Even during a situation where one among the branches loses internet connectivity, Tally.NET users won’t need to stop and await the connection to re-establish. Instead, work can continue and when connection is established, the synchronisation feature will sync the info with the top office and every one branches will have the newest data.

The direction of knowledge flow are often set to only send data or receive data or both, and you’ll also specify the frequency and therefore the days on which to sync data. you’ll not only control data transfer and frequency but also choose who can sync the info. Further, all details associated with data transfer are often viewed from the dedicated synchronisation reports.

SMS Feature: Easily access information on-the-go with SMS!

Without any syntax to follow, all you’ve got to try to to is SMS in simple English and you’ll get the newest report or information of the requested data. Data of multiple companies are often queried, which can assist you make decisions faster. With an easy three-step procedure to line it up and options to permit only authorised users to use SMS to ascertain company information, this feature is extremely useful for people on the move. As a result, this helps businessmen to form faster decisions due to faster access to relevant information. Currently, SMS facility is out there only in India.

Banking: Cheque printing may be a powerful feature that permits you to print your bank cheques from within the appliance using preloaded formats. once you create a replacement bank ledger, you’ll want the cheque formats for that bank available. TSS ensures the supply of the list of latest banks with cheque formats. Also, a legitimate TSS subscription helps in auto bank reconciliation process.

Further, you’ll get the advantages of all the e-Banking add-ons. With a legitimate TSS subscription these add-ons allow generating payment instructions automatically with none complicated steps.

Online Recruitment Tests: Using the built-in Job and Recruitment centre, finding a possible employee to suit for your business and posting for employment opening have becoming easier. This increases the likelihood of finding the proper talent by just using the search option or by posting your employee requirements with required details.

On finding suitable candidates you’ll test them using default test modules or customise test patterns with changed areas of priority. Track candidates progress and also save the list of preferred candidates for future use. Further, you’ll also asses the knowledge of existing employees using this feature. this may assist you get the proper manpower with required skills to spice up your business with none extra costs.

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